My Girlfriend is Asexual. Was We Stupid if you are together?

Reader Question:

My gf is actually asexual. We don’t have intercourse so we you should not hug, which can be entirely great. This lady has crushes on plenty of people continuously. By crushes, she indicates the girl favored people, which again is ok because they aren’t passionate. I found myself the 2nd person she came across which defied that meaning. The first individual may be the issue right here. Since me personally along with her got into this commitment, he is apparently ended talking-to the girl. She informed me she liked him, but she continued to say this had been more familial.

I’m not sure whether I think the lady about that. I absolutely love her, but i can not share her love with some other person.

Am I being silly?

-Emyrs (Wales)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s response:

Let myself understand this straight. Your girlfriend is actually a self-identified asexual you aren’t? However you happen to be great with this specific. With the exception that possibly there’s a guy in her past who she was not quite so asexual with. In which heis the problem. As you’re jealous of him.

There is a factor lacking in every this left-of-center union – your preferences.

My answer is very straightforward: Figure out what you desire in a commitment. Consider how much this lady is worth limiting for.

And, for goodness sake, forget the ghost of the woman last, unless she is dangling his storage in front of you to deliberately turn you into envious. Then you have to inquire of yourself precisely why she should worsen you.

Could she be insecure and wants to rally the eco-friendly monster in you on her behalf own self esteem? Lots to take into account.

But the first step: call your feelings and let her have hers.

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